Evie Networks Project Update

EON Charge is continuing to rollout sites across Melbourne as part of Evie Networks’ Metro Project.  The following sites are now live: Collingwood Library (across from the Collingwood Town Hall) Chelsea Carpark (behind Woolworths) The project is jointly funded by ARNEA and Evie Networks as part of the Future Fuels Fund. Collingwood Library Chelsea […]

Charging Regional Victoria

EON Charge is proud to have installed the first commercially available Tritium ( RTM75 in Victoria.  The charger is part of the Charging the Regions project which aims to ensure that regional Victoria does not miss out on the EV revolution.  The project is run by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA). The first […]

EV Charging Station Management

EV Charging Station Management is an important part of any commercial electric vehicle charging solution.  As a Charge Point Operator, EON Charge offers a range of solutions from basic remote monitoring through to full service hardware maintenance plans. A question that often gets asked by commercial customers is “why do I need a management solution?”  […]

The Future of Transport?

I wasn’t alive in 1908, but if I was, I would have witnessed the beginning of the modern car industry with the release of the first mass-produced passenger car – the Model T Ford. Up until then, cars were boutique, luxury items only accessible to the very rich. Ford’s revolutionary factory processes eventually produced cars […]

Partnership with Evnex NZ

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Evnex NZ! ( EON Charge is a cornerstone Charge Point Operator partner of Evnex Limited in the Australian market.  Evnex provides its open standards CP Link™ Enterprise software along with the Evnex™ AC charging hardware.  EON Charge is one of a small number of CPO […]

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