EON Charge

Making Sustainable Transport a Reality

EON Charge

Making sustainable transport a reality

Our Goal

We are building the infrastructure required to facilitate the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs).  Our goal is to make owning and operating an EV simple, sustainable and affordable.


EV Infrastructure
Solutions for Local Councils and Regional areas


Customer Service
Drive customers back to "Bricks & Mortar" shopping


Destination Charging
Attract more visitors to your destination and promote sustainable transport

Making sustainable transport a reality

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Which came first – the battery or the charger?

For many people considering an Electric Vehicle (EV), the question of charging is one of the first things they ask.

Other common questions include:

  • How long does it take to charge?
  • Where can I charge?
  • How much does it cost?

A recent study conducted by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia indicated that access to convenient EV charging infrastructure is one of the key factors in deciding on whether to purchase an EV.

The features that would most encourage people to purchase an electric vehicle:

“State of Electric Vehicles” – Electric Vehicle Council (August 2019)
10 %
Convenient Charging Options
10 %
Lower Running Costs
10 %
Environmental Benefits

Making Sustainable Transport a Reality

EON Charge

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